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Art Deco Silver Spoon Set, (Demitasse) Birmingham 1913

Art Deco Silver Spoon Set, (Demitasse) Birmingham 1913

Art deco silver spoon set, (Demitasse) Birmingham 1913 and for the maker mark of William Neale. & Son LTD.

This is a beautiful complete set of spoons, with its original box. It is a blue leather box and it does have some scratches to the leather (scuffs) and one of the hinges are loose.

The box when opened has the details of the retailer in it Steels, Jewellery LTD, Whitley Bay.
The inside of the box is in great condition. There is also a pattern number on all of the spoons which is REG.773750.Beautiful set and hopefully won't disappoint.

3.9" or 9.91cm long
Combine weight of the silver is 50.8 grams

We are selling the silver items and the case/box is extra. Seeing the box often indicates that the item has been well protected over the years.

Please note that all old silver will have certain signs of age and use, they will not be perfect or as new. We will however detail and bring to your attention anything we consider significant.
Please get back to us if you have a problem or need further assistance.

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